Login: Sign in to Gmail

Since the first email was sent a few decades ago, no emailing platform has been used more than Gmail is offered by search engine giant Google, based in Mountain View, California. Today, there are over 900 million people around the world, who use Gmail.

Gmail helps them stay in touch with their loved ones, and to fulfill work obligations Gmail offers a simple yet reliable way to send emails. From the moment you sign up to the moment you send your first email, Gmail offers you the perfect email experience. If you are wondering how to log in to Gmail and be part of the world's leading email service, here's how to go about it.

How to sign in to Gmail - follow these simple steps

  1. Navigate to the Gmail login page

    To log in to Gmail, you must have a working internet connection as the email platform is based online. Start by searching on your browser. On the far top right corner, there is a sign in link. Click on the link to go to the Gmail login page. The Gmail log in page will appear with the icon you used to personalize your account. If you did not use any, a blank image would appear.
  2. Enter your Gmail user name login screen

    Once you are on the Gmail log in page, there is an empty field just below your icon that you are supposed to enter your email. Below it there is a link with the word "Next". Click on the empty field and a blinking cursor will appear.

    Enter your correct email on this field. Enter your email in the following format, "" note that the prefix part of the email is your username. To make your log in faster, you can omit the last part of the email and key in only your Gmail username. In this case, you can key in "john doe" and leave out "".

    Click on "Next" to move to the next step in the log in process.

  3. Enter your password password

    Once you have clicked on "next", another empty field will appear prompting you to enter your password. Click on the field and enter your password. Remember passwords are sensitive; therefore be careful as you enter it. Make sure you use the correct capitalization mode to avoid errors.

    If you are not sure of your password, try to write it down on a piece of paper then type it from there. When typing, it will appear as asterisk symbols for security reasons. If you have entered your password wrong, several times in a row, Gmail will get you through a simple verification process to verify your identity. Again the verification procedure is done for security purposes.

  4. Almost there!

    After keying in your password click on blue "sign in" button go gain access to your Gmail account.
  5. If you are using Gmail on your personal computer, and you are the only person using this computer you may want to consider bypassing this procedure by staying signed in. To do this, simpley click on the "stay signed in" checkbox when signing in to This will make it faster for you to log in to your Gmail account the next time.
  6. In the event of an unsuccessful login attempt, click on the "need help" icon and follow the simple steps to solve the problem.
  7. After login, you will be forwarded directly to your inbox where you can view and reply your messages. Log on to your Gmail account today and stay in touch with friends and family.